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What is SEO – The Real Definition ?seo Architecture

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization , it is about optimizing your website for search engines. This is different than SEO Design which is a website that is SEO Friendly.

How SEO Works ?

Your website get optimized for search engines , which can be done by you or a search engine optimization expert. It is about making changes to the way your write your content , as well as adding titles that includes keywords where you customers search. There are few other changes in your website such as adding <H1> tags to you content. Once your website is optimized , it takes 2 weeks or less to see the change reflect in search engines.

How long after optimizing my website will i  see results ?

That depends on the Authority of your website ( is your website specialized in a certain product or service) also , is your website linked to an Authority website that is also specialized in the same field?. Other factors include , how long have you had your website ?
New websites can take longer than old or existing websites. New websites can take up to 4 months to get some results. Existing websites can take as low as 3 weeks or less to get results from SEO.

How much is SEO ? Do i pay per day or per month ?

There are many SEO Pricing Packages that may suit your budget and needs. For Search Engine Optimization , you can choose to pay every month or per project. Paying per day is another online marketing service that we do offer.

What do i need to get started ?

You would need a login to the website admin also called the backend login or the Admin login.
Ultimately , we would like to gain access to control panel also called the C-panel.

Is there any kind of guaranteed SEO results ?

In order to qualify for this we must take a look at your website. We offer Free Consultation prior to our work , that should examine your website capabilities and potential.