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PPC Management

Let us Manage your Adwords PPC Account for you. We understand that starting an Adwords PPC Account can be daunting. Our Adwords experts will make the process seamlessly easy.  This is a great benefit to have a PPC Management service,  We will inform you about the current cost per click bidding situation , will notify you if the bidding increases for any keyword. If you would like to learn about about PPC and other internet pricing pricing visit our Internet Pricing

Get your Google Adwords Account Now Click Here to goto to Google Adwords Website

Google Adwords Account Setup or Optimization

We will answer all the questions regarding getting a Pay Per Click account , also help is available on Google Adwords Website. If you are looking to setup and start an Adwords Account , we will assist you in opening an account to get started. If you already have a PPC account , and only need us to optimize for you , we can also boost your paid search campaigns.

Dedicated PPC Account Manager

Dedicated PPC account manager will manage your Adwords account for you. Dealing with campaigns , keywords and daily bidding as well as conversions is what we do best. At anytime , you can contact one of our Account Executives or PPC Manager if you have any questions regarding your account.


Hire a PPC Manager

Our PPC Manager ( Paid Search) Activities

  1. Act as  liaison with our clients
  2. Developing Weekly Strategy for Google Advertising Campaigns
  3. Weekly Analysis regarding Campaign effectiveness
  4. Conducting A/B – Multivariate Testing for Ads to get the best possible conversions
  5. Target KPI per our clients requirements
  6. Monitoring traffic spikes coming Click Fraud – Detecting Non converting clicks
  7. Placing Ads using various platforms in regards to Search and Display
  8. Geo Targeting campaign monitoring focusing on countries , cities and regions that convert well
  9. Detailed Keyword Selection and testing in order not to drain daily set budget
  10. Monitoring competition ads and provide feedback to our clients
  11. Suggest the daily campaign budget that will get the most results with the least spend
  12. Providing Advice on Quality Score “QS” for the keywords selected
  13. Applying aggressive bidding strategy for seasonal products or services
  14. insuring campaign tracking using SID and proper tagging for ads
  15. follow up on the image ad designs and getting the client’s approval



Top search Engine Marketing Services

At Hubac, we take an integrated approach to search engine marketing, utilizing both SEO and PPC methods together in such a way that results in cost-effective campaigns with a positive ROI.

SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimization
Is a process that uses keywords and back-linking campaigns to make a website more visible to search engine users. The goal is to get into one of the top spots on the search results list of a site like Google or Yahoo. Why do this?

Well, not surprisingly, the first few links on a page are going to be the most popular and receive the most traffic, because people are lazy and don’t want to go to the second page of results. SEO allows you to target your audience by focusing on a few keywords relevant to your business and website’s content. This ensures that the people being directed to your site are ones that would potentially be your customers.

PPC, which stands for pay-per-click

Allows smaller business to compete with huge corporations. They are given the same space, but they are only charged when someone clicks on their ad. Compare this method to another advertising venue like the Super Bowl. There is no way, short of selling employees’ organs on the black market, that a small business, like Burt’s Pickled Pig Paradise, could afford to get ad time next to a Budweiser commercial during the Super Bowl. But with PPC, small and large businesses are equal, or at least, as equal as they will ever be.