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FAQ Seo Services

FAQ about online Digital Marketing and Our Services.

Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Hubac Media provides an Exceptional Digital Marketing Services. At this point , we have added an FAQ to most of the questions that we typically receive. Please read the answers in detail.

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SEO & Online Marketing Questions and Answers

I have heard great things about Digital Marketing , don't know where to begin?

You are right about Digital Marketing. It is the now and the future of doing marketing.
In order for you to begin in Digital Marketing , you need to define your business/marketing objectives.
We assume that you have a marketing plan and a business model. Once you set the objectives and goals , let us do the rest for you. We will help you all along the way.

We bought this digital solution/domain/hosting/service , but no one knows how to use it?

We have seen this many times. Your company had bought a service and not one knows how to use it. We will learn what you have purchased whether it is SEO Backlink Solution , Domain Name , Hosting , E-Commerce or even a Digital Web Analytics services. Our Digital Experts will help you set it up and operate it for you. You are now in safe hands.

How much is your digital marketing service ?

In Regards to Digital Pricing and Costs : in order to answer this question , we must know that amount of work involved. Some websites with previous work done may need less hours of work. Some other websites that we have worked on were not handled the right way , such as Black hat SEO techniques which may have caused the website to lose traffic. We understand that you need to set and allocate a budget for your digital marketing spend , however in order for us to give you the right quotation we need to learn about your objectives.
We do not charge for simple questions related to SEO , PPC and Digital Marketing. You can always contact us at

why is my website not appearing in search engines ?

There could be several factors to why you are not getting traffic to your website. The first factor that comes to mind is that your website is fairly new. The second factor could be that your website was never optimized for search engines. The third factor could be that your website is not following Google guidelines. The last factor is that you website had been penalized or banned by Google because your hired the wrong company or consultant to do your digital marketing at a lower price.

We hired a company/someone but we did not see much results?

We are sorry about your experience. There are lots of non experienced Digital Marketers and SEO’s. Reading few articles about Online Marketing does not make one a Digital Expert. We have seen lots of business come to us after a bad experience with a non qualified SEO, but we managed to find solutions. The main reason behind not getting the results from an SEO Company is the Digital Strategy. Old SEO was dependent on Keywords , Some Content and Backlinks , however the New Ways of Digital Marketing are about strategy. Simply ask your next digital marketing , what kind of strategy will you use. If the answer was only about keywords and backlinks then stay off and give us a call.

i want my website to be number #1 on google ?

Wanting to be on first #1 Page of Google to what we are all after. There are 2 ways to do this.
The 1st Way is making your way using search engine optimization. It takes a real web optimizer to make you website be on the first page of Google. At this point , it is easy to become one of the top of 3 in Google Search Engine results. The 2nd way is to buy your position in search engines buying Ads in Google. This is called Pay Per Click or Paid Search also called PPC ,Adwords ,Search Engine Marketing or SEM. We can be #1 in Google by consulting with us. You can be on the first page of google in  72 hours  or less. Ask us how?

do you offer service gurantee ?

We offer guaranteed results on certain services that offer. Not all websites do qualify for results guarantee. Some restrictions may apply. Please contact us for more information.

what is digital marketing really ?

Digital Marketing is promoting products and services using Electronic Media.

What is the digital marketing strategy that is right for my business?

It depends on Few Factors such as your budget , Target Market and Demographics , your product or service. First and last , your business model. Prior to taking a step and decide to dive into digital marketing , you have consult with an Digital Expert. Diving into digital marketing can cost you and your company time and money. You need to digital strategy in order to get the most our of digital marketing. Hubac Media being a qualified inbound marketing agency , is able to help you develop and execute the right digital strategy for your business.

Why do i need mobile website ?

Internet Users on the internet using Mobile devices are outnumbering desktop users. Soon you will find that 90% or more users use mobile devices to access the internet. This is important to you because non mobile websites ( old websites) do not display properly on Mobile Devices. This can also means that you competition can capture more market share from you if they have a mobile website. We recommend developing a mobile website. We can help you find a solution that will fit your time and budget. Give us a call and let us help you.

do you offer website design ?

Yes , We do offer Website Design and Development.

Our website is designed by friend/relative/stranger but we don't access to the cpanel?

You are not the first that this happen to. There are some reasons to why that happens.
One of the top reasons is that your website is hosted with other websites under the name shared hosting account.
The other reason is that your web designer or developer want to tie you down to a monthly payment. it is very common to not have access to your cpanel. But it is not common to not have access to your domain. This is a handle with care issue. We have worked with these issues in the past. Let us help you get your logins back.

i have a website but it is old , do you re-design websites?

Old is Gold , we appreciate your website and the effort you put to it. The good news is that your website has some kind of time reputation factor in Google and other Search Engines. That would help us with ranking. In regards to redesigning your websites , we are able to redesign your website to the latest and most cutting edge digital technology. We will ask you few questions , then we will get started.

we have an e-commerce website , Can you help us sell more ?

We have experience working with E-commerce websites. Optimizing products for search engines is one of our methods. We use Product Listing  Data Feed Optimization. Along with other Pay Per Click Ads Display Network.
Others Method that we use is conversion rate optimization along with shopping cart abandement rate. All of which can help your e-commerce website sell more product and convert more customers.

we would like to design an e-commerce website , do you do that ?

Designing an E-Commerce website is one of the services that we offer. We will advice you in regards to the right E-Commerce platform such as Magento , OpenCart , OsCommerce and Prestashop and more. All we need is some photos , some text and we will handle it all for you.  Starting with the domain name , the right server to the right modules.

I market my product / service in a particular region , how can you help ?

Geo Targeting Digital Strategy can be tricky. Not all products can be marketed in all countries. Some Countries may have some restrictions as far as Adwords Ads as well as Facebook Ads. Like mentioned , only few products and services may some restrictions in some countries such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Countries in the EU does have some guidelines such as EASA Digital Marketing Communications best practices. Hubac Media is aware of regional marketing guidelines , will be able to help you market and advertise your Website / E-Commerce or even fanpage to your target audience for better reach.

i don't have a website ?

No Problem , We will design one for you.

can you market my facebook page?

Great Success , Great Results …. You would have to see it to believe it. Fanpages started at 200 Fans that reached 30,000 real active fans in less than 2 months. Active engagement means facebook users actually commenting on your products , talking about your comments and liking it. Which means more Digital Power to you called ” Klout”. Not only will we able to get you some social media love. But you will able to track your fans using very advanced methods such as Radian6 and Omniture SiteCatalyst known now as Adobe Cloud Marketing.

how do i know that you are any good ?

We have managed to get the results for hundreds of customers in 4 continents around the globe. Results Measured by conversions and sales not just clicks and traffic. Hubac Media had managed multi million dollar digital marketing for companies in the United States , Europe and the Middle East. Our results are documented by Analytics. Your business can be the next success story , we have turned Small Business into Mid Size Business in many instances. We can do the same for you.


How long does it take to see results?

SEO New Website : 3 -4 Months
SEO Existing Website : 2-3 Months
Regional Digital Marketing : 4-6 Months
Social Media Marketing : 3 -5 Days
Google Ads : 48 Hours Depending on Countries, Type of Product or Service  you are targeting
Facebook Ads : 72 Hours Depending on Countries you are targeting

This is on Average. Other factors may speed up the process and vice vera.

how do we pay for your services?

There are many ways that you can pay for our Digital Services.
PayPal – Wire Transfers – Cash
Wire Transfer Bank of America

do your offer training for companies?

We do offer 5 -7 Days Training Sessions for Companies Nationwide.
Training is offered for Brick and Mortar organizations. We do not offer our Digital Marketing Training to individuals at this time.

I want to setup a strong digital marketing department , what do i do?

We have helped many companies search and select the right talent for digital marketing. We will find the candidates that are able to deliver your digital marketing project. You can also hire us part time to manage a project for you on per diem basis ( 1099 in the United States).

i have an operating website/e-commerce website but i need to analyze visitors

Google Analytics comes free with all services. If you would like to get real good web Analytics , we can implement the web Analytics of your choice. We will present all the solutions and will explain the benefits and pricing of each. If you are looking for Social Media Metrics Tracking software then we will suggest the right tracking software for you.


Feel Free to contact us if you have any questions that needs answers