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Skypax did manage to reach more clients and convert more business.  Targeting the Middle East and Arabic Speaking Nations.  Google Adwords PPC was a great tool to use after A/B testing.


Hubac Media was able to increase PPC conversion effectivnes while maintaining a low cost per click in the Middle East target market.  Google Image ads and ad rotation was used.

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Bowl ‘o ‘ Soup

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Digital Marketing Campaigns for the retail industry means focus on brand reputation, as well as optimizing review based websites such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, and more.  By applying a real marketing case study, with the help of our Digital Strategists, we were able to increase market share for Bowl ‘o Soup in its local market.  Using local online marketing, reputation management,  and social metrics tools.


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The Watershed

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America’s premier Drug and Alcohol Addiction treatment center.  We managed to craft a Digital Marketing Campaign including SEO, PPC, & SMM.  Lining up digital campaigns with sales and call center is key to success. We always insure that all departments within our clients organization are on the same page.


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Les Dames

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Les Dames is Egypt’s premier pastry store, established since 1979. Les Dames needed a digital transformation.  We established this by applying Digital Marketing, Brand Revamping, New Look, and managing an effective Social Media Marketing Campaign on Facebook to target new sales channels. We successfully brought new clientele to Les Dames and Hubac helped make it happen.


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BabySpace Arabia

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Babyspace Arabia is an online web portal providing news about motherhood and baby.  Hubac Media created an effective Social Media Marketing Campaign, an SEO Campaign, and Arabic Content Writing using cutting edge Web Analytics.  As promised, we reached an 800% increase in Organic traffic.



Social Media Digital Strategy

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Sunrise Maids

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Hubac Media crafted the Digital Marketing Strategy targeting the Middle East and North Africa.  By using Facebook Fan page along with Facebook Advertising and a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy,  Sunrise Services for Maids is 100% satisfied with their results.  Our achievement is 800% more conversions,by doing this we were able to turn the company around.


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