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Improve local seo for 2015

Improving Your Local SEO 2017

We have tried so much in year 2017 to make sure our businesses reach the right audience, but that’s not enough for us to relent because the competition increases every day. Now that 2014 is becoming a past and 2017 is around the corner, it is important for us to find some tips that could help us improve the performance of our businesses both in the physical world and on the internet. So let’s begin the year with these guides to improving your local SEO.

Local SEO is a strategy that acts like a local section of the yellow page. It aims to get your name and business website to rank high in local searches for people located in the general vicinity.

Pigeon update changes everything

Google has been bringing online businesses all kinds of birds in the last few years. The latest as of Dec 2014( may no be current) is Google Pigeon. It is highly tied to Local Searches and neighborhood local marketing efforts. Location based marketing  and mobile marketing is the new trend 2016-2017. If your business is a local fast food, bar, gym or dryclean..etc You can highly benefit Google Pigeon update. Thanks to GPS and Google Maps API allowing your business to get found easier.

Trying to decode Pigeon algorithm philosophy, like a user: ” if someone is looking for a good local pizza place in fort lauderdale,Florida  why would they get results from West Palm Beach?. Well, here is the answer, Local SEO Marketing can help define this one. Adding your business listing including NAP ( Name, Address and Phone number) will increase your Local SEO)

Below are 5 tips which would help you improve your local SEO in 2017:

Get Listed in Local Business Directories

Don’t ignore ” Claim your listings”, it can make a big difference in your local search marketing efforts.Probably you already heard about Google places, Urban spoon, Yelp, City Search and Foursquare which are the major business directories to help you get known online. All the business directories work like Yellow Pages, but they have special advantage, which enables you to list your businesses for free.

Local companies can get their business listed and fill up all the important information as well as the description of their business services.

Some amazing things about free listings are:

  • Search engines rank directory entries higher in SERP.
  • It is a lot less expensive compared to placing printed ads for your promotion.
  • Live links of your site can be included in business listings which search engines will count as backlinks to your sites, and increase your website visitors.

Target Audience and Their Needs

Get a clear idea of your target audience. These are the defined set of consumers that you will market your products to. As a business marketer, you must think about your product or services on who it appeals more: men or women? Does it focus on the elderly persons or the young ones? These and other ideas will help you target the right audience.

Web Page Titles

Web page title is one of the most important tips in SEO, as it determines whether a searcher will click on your link or not. Remember that the entire contents of your web pages will not appear in the search result, so the title of your web page is the first impression that tells the searchers what they are likely to see if they eventually click through the link. To further increase your visibility on search engines, it is advisable to have numerous web page titles.

These three important tips will help you in writing your web page titles:

  1. Make sure your keywords appear in the web page title. Best optimized titles should not be too short or too long. And it should represent the whole content in the webpage.
  2. Let your primary keywords reflect on the title instead of the general keywords.
  3. Make sure you add your city name to the titles as a lot of people search for your service in your city.

Links from Local Sources

Do or Don’t follow will still benefit your local SEO

Backlink is a great method that can help improve your website visibility on search engines. Not only that, it can also bring a lot of visitors to your site from the linking source if it’s done properly. To increase the ranking of your business on the local search, make sure you create a considerable amount of backlinks. But more importantly, make sure you get quality backlink from good sources.

Get reviews more citations

Internet is occupied by two sets of people: the real and professional people, and the novice or the amateurs.

Reviews are the only means to tell if a business is up to the task or not. In fact, many people prefer to read reviews before any business transaction can be carried out. So it is good to get reviews for your business, as it encourage other visitors on what to do, and also help improve search engines ranking.

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