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The foundation of your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your Business Digital Marketing Strategy : Put your website on the right track

For your business to survive in the market today, you need a digital marketing strategy. Diving right to SEO and Backlinks may not get your website far however, developing a scalable digital marketing plan may yield y results. Here are some tips that may put your website on the right track.

 Website UX

it all begins with a full mobile website that is easy to use, fast to load and useful to your visitors. Developing UX for a website does not take few hours, but few days or weeks.
Trust is everything. So you have to ask yourself “would you buy from this website?”

Define your real buying customers

these are the customers that can buy your product or service.  It is not always a numbers game. Targeting the wrong online visitors may get you lots of traffic ,but no one buys anything. This is a main component of your digital marketing strategy.

Choose the right online marketing channel (s)
That is cost effective, remember that paid ads can result in significant amount of money, so you have to test your ads for quality before you launch. Decide on your online marketing channel, is it Google Adwords,Social Media Posts and Ads, Local online marketing ( google my business) or just plain SEO.
Train your call center or sales team
Your call center or sales team must be aware of the deals and offers. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your sales team not know the current deals, offers or pricing listed on your website.

Choose the right Web Analytics
Having traditional Web Analytics just as Google Analytics will be somehow informative. However, it may not drill down the right information that will help you make the right decision. You may need more sophisticated Web Analytics for a better decision making.

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