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Increase your website ranking in 2014

Search Engine Ranking Factors noted in 2014

Over the last few years, Google has launched an offense against anything unreal (Spam). What does this mean? The big idea according to Google is, “Is your website and brand for real?”
You have to prove to Uncle G that your website is real, and that your brand is real, and that people really like your website. Being real is not enough though. SEO in 2014 is about strategy, and a good digital strategist in reverse engineering. Do not take information on the web for granted, but you have to test it your self in order to see what works for you. Every website has a unique digital SEO strategy, the type of clients that come to your website should convert and if they do not convert then find out why.

Mobile Website
2014 Websites are Mobile Websites
Believe it or not, some websites are now full mobile. The number of internet users using mobile phones are almost outnumbering users using desktop. So, if your website is not mobile friendly, your website will not display their devices.

Add Google+ to your Website
This is a big part of the so called “social signals”. Google+ is considered the most effective in boosting your social signals, and from my personal point of view, I think that Google+ is the new back links program. To obtain this, add lots of people and share all your original content.

Structured Data & Rich Snippets
Also called Google Authorship. Basically, everytime you see an article that has a picture, this is called authorship or rich snippet. Rich snippets can be used for recipes, product reviews, events, and software application. Video snippets are also applied when your website has a video that is hosted with Youtube or Vimeo. You must setup a Google+ account, and have it set up prior to associating content with it. For websites that use cm’s, this module is available to install and it is free for most cm’s including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. There are two ways that you use rich snippets, either your can choose HTML markup or Data Highlighter. The benefits of rich snippets is providing valuable information in search engine page results, and by providing information about your article it will boost your ranking in search engines.

For more information abour rich snippets and structured data visit:

3 Cents on Facebook
Facebook can boost your online brand, or it can enhance or hinder your product or service and it does have a direct impact on ranking in search engines. Facebook fanpages or groups can cannibalize your website if users visit your facebook fanpage more than your website. We have seen it happen, websites that have been penalized by Google, because the main website shows up in searh results after the Facebook page. Simply, Google can penalize your website but not Facebook’s. Many SEO Industry experts think that Facebook does not have a direct impact on your website, but if you think that it does then you would want to bear in mind the following: Your fans are actually interacting and not just liking. We could not find a a direct correlation between Facebook fans and ranking in Google, but, it would definitely give you some branding boost.

Web content 2014 style
Write content that is considered valuable.
Your content must have real value and bring something new to the table. You can rewrite some content, but bear in mind that your content must be very rich, and contain pictures or videos. Infographics can help give your a slight edge over your competition. The main idea is about how long your visitors are staying on your website and how often t comeback. Adding few blog posts a week can get your website on top of search engines in less than 6 months. Duplicate content will cause your website to be penalized by Google point blank. When it comes to content on your website never ever buy content software, or content spinning services. You will see some services offering article spinning for $5. It takes $5 to pay for it, but it takes $50 to remove it (link disavowing or removing backlinks).
Here is how to find the best content writer:

  • Hire native English content writers if your website is in English.
  • Spelling, grammar, and article cohesion is a given.
  • Good web content writers use latent semantic writing (using related words).
  • Expert web content writers use simple English language that is readable by the audience.

The idea about content writing is finding content that people are interested in. Do your research and find out valuable content that is considered exclusive.

Backlinks for 2014
Good content can make people link to you. Here are some tips for obtaining good backlinks:

Diversify your backlinks
Niche: Find backlinks coming from similar niche websites or web content
Diversify anchor text backlinks
3 Directories should be enough
Consistent backlinks

Google wants to see some link diversity, otherwise your website will be looked at as trying to game the system.

Niche websites
Backlinks coming from content that is similar to your website is ideal.

Anchor backlinks
Use diversity of anchor text backlinks. Use keywords as anchor text for your main backlink strategy, if you do not it may harm your ranking. Example: using the keyword ‘ Digital Agency’ as the one and only anchor text is not recommended, but anchor text such as ‘ results based digital marketing agency’, is the new 2014 anchor text backlink style.

3 directories should be enough
Your website needs 3 major directories, but not 30 directories. You will want to make sure that the directory has good ranking in the search engines. Alexa ranking can help you find out the approximate amount of visitors a directory has.

Consistent backlinks
For new websites having a sudden flow of backlinks is not recommended. Rather, backlinks that grow overtime is generally better for building authority . The same goes for existing websites, consistency is what matters the most. Also ,the increase of backlinks everymonth gives Google a good indication that people like your website which means better ranking for your website.

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