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Penalized by Google?

Old School SEO Does not work no more.

Someone had made the wrong move that caused your website to get penalized by Google.

I have had customers calling me , screaming … ” we lost our web traffic ” , ” we are not getting as much online visitors to our website like before”. My answers to them is : The old school classic SEO Style does not work anymore. Here are some of the No No’s that you should not do or have you SEO company do :

1)Keywords Stuffing ( Mentioning a keyword multiple times throughout the page)

2)Getting backlinks from bad Websites (websites with forced popup ads ) ; Websites infected by malware ; Websites designed for selling Ads or selling links

3) Dups Content ( Duplicate content ) or non original content Here is how you know. Check out – input your website URL and see if you content is or has been duplicated

4) thin content ( you pages has only 2 lines each)

5) Cloaking website ( is this when someone clicks on your website and it takes them to another website that they did not ask for ( this is a big no no is SEO ) you get your website banned from google search results in no time.





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