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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Going organic ( Natural Traffic) or SEO

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

SEO is now very unpredictable with the new algorithms that Google pops and surprises all SEO’s
it used by easy to just add a Google title , stuff some keywords and get few high PR links , then
done. Nowadays , the real seo expert is a strategist with some development background. So , it
takes real heavy efforts to get SEO results , a good website is the start ends with some authority
back links also called themed links.

Facebook Advertising
Using facebook for website advertising can work well for one business  and not the other.You think of business marketing an event for a concert ,nice hotel  or even a dance club then
facebook is right for you. It will cost you way less than others. Social media marketing is a fraction
of what Google Adwords will cost you. But , you have to target the right crowd. You don’t have
much control over your campaigns but they will work like charm.

Using Google Adwords to market a website.
You have lots of control over everything. But : beware to your budget slipping away in no time.
Amazing results if you hire the right adwords experts to do it , will break the bank if you don’t.

it takes weeks if not months to come up with the right online marketing strategy

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