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Engaging  Your Online Visitors

What i have learned from IKEA

As an online marketing strategist , i observe a lot. I visit an IKEA Store , i was amazed by how the store has follow signs where you see everything in the store. There are signs to follow until you get to the department that you want. I was there to look at bedroom furniture , but i ended up buying more items , because i passed through other departments on my way. Then , i started thinking about how their bounce rate in a Brick and Mortar situation. Not all customers ask questions about products or services , some leave the store without asking questions. Asking questions about your store or website products can teach you about what you need to have in your store. Sales and Marketing feedback to the management can lead to selling more products and service even bringing new products or starting new services.

Up Selling can be applied to your website store

Ikea make you follow the arrow , they want you to see all that they have before reaching what you are there for. You end up buying more products , a great upselling strategy.

Keeping your online visitors engaged.

Having a website that is not connected , dynamic or responsive to your customers does affect your ranking. Prior to designing your new website , you have to think like your customer. Try it yourself , see how you start navigating and where do you go after this. If you are visiting to get a toll free number or a branch location info  , you get what you need in 3 seconds then bounce off. That may not help your ranking in search engine , as it may increase your bounce rate on your website ( this is when someone visits your website then decided to leave after few seconds. Bounce rate can even gets worse when you leave off the same page after 3 few seconds. The reason to why this is bad is that search engines think ” people are coming to your website and leaving after seconds ” your website may have something that they don’t like”. At this point many search engines may also think ” people do not like this website . so let ‘s put it far in the SERPS ( search engine results ) which means lower ranking in search engines such as google.


Keep your online or offline visitors engaged and learn how stores such as IKEA keep their customers engaged but follow a certain path , which is applied when designing a website (UX Design) , it means more sales and conversions. Same strategies is also applied in grocery stores AKA Super Markets

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